Freedom for the Cuban Five!

Pamphlet distributed during Obama visit to Brasil translated to English

Selo 5 cubanosSince 1998, five Cubans antiterrorist heroes remain imprisoned in the U.S. They were arbitrarily sentenced to long terms, as the result of a political trial celebrated in Miami. The Cuban Five helped monitor terrorist plans against Cuba organized by ultra-right extremist groups in the southern state of Florida. There are defense witnesses, authorities, generals and Pentagon officials who assure the claims that the Cuban Five could spy on the government or represent a danger to U.S. Security are completely unreliable.


Over two years since the election of Mr. Barack Obama, no attitude to revise such injustice was taken. Appeals all around the world have intensified the growing support for the cause of the Cuban Five; cause which is nothing more than protecting the country from terrorist attacks suffered since the declaration of its true independence in 1959, result of the Cuban Revolution.

The fight against terrorism, evoked so much by the United States, conceals its true policy of plundering the wealth of nations, especially oil. To achieve such goals it massacres civilians, promotes war and division of nations and peoples, and, in the case of Five, punishes those who actually fight the real terrorism, namely, state terrorism and the counterrevolutionary Mafia in Miami.

So, once again, we demand that the U.S. government release Antonio Guerrero Rodriguez, Fernando Gonzalez Llort, Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino Salazar, Rene Gonzalez Sehwerert!

Freedom for the Cuban Five Heroes!


End with the embargo against Cuba!

PCML-Br (Marxist-Leninist Communist Party - Brazil) / CEPPES
(Center for Popular Education and Economic and Social Research) / INVERTA Newspaper/ CNLCN (National Committee of Struggle Against Neoliberalism) / July 5 Youth


Sete Punhais

Against the North-american intervention in Nuestra America

The events in the Arab World have intensified the problems for United States and other imperialist countries, as an embattled country is Libya, one of the largest oil exporters of the world. As we know, at times like these, the United States turns to Latin America, treated by them as a sort of reserve for when the Arab world comes into turbulence and their interests are threatened.

The seven military bases in Colombia are aimed at our borders, representing a scandalous annexation of Colombia to American interests and a blunt threat to our sovereignty. Military bases are installed in strategic areas of our country, like the Amazon, and then say they are doing
diplomacy, that they are interested in our oil reserves!

Meanwhile, they persecute those who struggle for dignity and defend their people from imperialist slaughter, like Simon Trinidad and Sonia Rojas, Colombian patriots extradited and arrested in the

Liberdade para Simon e SoniaThese are the facts. The main lesson to be learned from them is the need to intensify the fight against neoliberalism and imperialist Liberdade para Peltier e Mumiaintervention. In the eye of the hurricane of one of its worse crisis, the United States uses every means possible to maintain this mode of production. Terminal patient, it is still able to spread throughout the world the illnesses characteristic of its Basic Law: the concentration of immense wealth at one end and misery, torture and all kinds of suffering
in the other.

The repressive apparatus and all sorts of security mobilization around Barack Obama's visit to Rio de Janeiro have the character of a war operation. The area where the president will supposedly speak will be surrounded with an intense control over those who enter. What does that mean?
Perhaps so much safety will scare away even those who sincerely and peacefully want to hear the president speak.

Against the annexation of Colombia by the United States!

Out with all North American military bases in the continent!

PCML-Br (Marxist-Leninist Communist Party - Brazil) / CEPPES
(Center for Popular Education and Economic and Social Research) / INVERTA Newspaper/ CNLCN (National Committee of Struggle Against Neoliberalism) / July 5 Youth